Madeira Rent supports MIUT 2019

Madeira Island, also known as the Pearl of the Atlantic, is situated off the coast of Africa (about 300 km from Morocco) that has become known for its beautiful landscapes, fantastic terrain and challenging trails.

Madeira welcomes every year THE MIUT® – Madeira Island Ultra Trail, which consists of the challenge of crossing the island of Madeira from one end to the other. This 11th edition will run from 24 to 28 April 2019. The MIUT®-Madeira Island Ultra-Trail routes are mostly composed of paths, rails, sidewalks, irrigation channels, unpaved forest roads and small stretches of asphalt.

The routes of the 4 MIUT tests, cross zones belonging to the municipalities of: Porto Moniz, Calheta, Ponta do Sol, Ribeira Brava, São Vicente, Santana, Câmara de Lobos, Funchal, Santa Cruz and Machico In MIUT there are 4 types of tests of different degrees of difficulty.

With the greatest difficulty we have the MIUT, of 115 km, starting at 00:00 on April 27 in the center of the village of Porto Moniz. Then we have the ULTRA test of 85 km, starting at 07:00 am in the São Vicente area. At 11:00 a.m. on the same day, the MARATHON test, 45km, starts on the Monte, towards the Ecological Park of Funchal, followed by the remaining itinerary of the remaining events. And, finally, the test with a lower degree of difficulty, MINI, of 16 km, starting at 9:00 am on April 27, in the center of Porto da Cruz.

We know that Madeira is a destination full of adventures, but to actively live all the wonders of the island or at least the most incredible scenery is only the privilege of the few who dare to go up and down from emotions and surpasses! In addition to this adventure there are lots of other things to do on Madeira Island!

Enjoy your visit in the best way possible, and to get to visit the most beautiful points of the island you can rent a vehicle with Madeira Rent.Temos the most varied models for you! If you are a competitor of MIUT, get a special price by clicking here.

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